France's €200million Euromillions winner plans big giveaway

Anonymous jackpot winner will create a charitable foundation and give money to hospitals

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France's biggest-ever Euromillions Lottery winner plans to give away millions of euros to good causes.

The anonymous retiree, whose numbers came up to win a jackpot of €200million, said he would create a charitable foundation, to which he plans to give tens of millions of euros, for a number of unspecified good causes. He also plans to donate some of his good fortune to hospitals.

"Seeing the happy people around me is the greatest reward. When the money falls from the sky, something must be done with it to help those who are not so lucky. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense," the lottery winner, who lives in the south of France, said.

He also said he would buy his daughter a new car, and help 'relatives in need'. But he said his plans for Christmas have not changed - "we will do exactly what was planned, down to the menu" - and any travel plans would wait until after the global pandemic has died down.