French bakers attempt to make world’s longest baguette

The world-record bid, which must beat 132.62 metres, brings new meaning to the phrase ‘breaking bread’

A view of someone holding a baguette with no view of the end
To break the record, the baguette must measure more than 132.62 metres and be at least 5 cm thick all the way around

Dough mixers at the ready: A group of 12 bakers in northern France is aiming to break the world record for the longest-ever baguette this weekend.

The record-breaking bake is set to be made at the Suresnes Baguette Show (organised by the Confédération nationale de la boulangerie-pâtisserie française, and chocolate spread brand Nutella), which is taking place in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine, Ile-de-France) on Sunday, May 5. 

The baking itself is taking place on the Terrasse du Fécheray observation deck, from 10:00.

The bakers, who are all local, will seek to “make and cook, in public, a baguette that measures more than 132.62 metres long. This is the current record, which has been held by bakers in Italy since June 16, 2019. The bakers say they are aiming to “bring the record home”.

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‘The (baguette) rules of art’

“The dough will be kneaded, shaped on the spot, and then baked in front of the public in a rolling oven under a tent,” said organisers. “It will be made according to the rules of the art, with wheat flour, water, yeast and salt as the only ingredients.” 

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The baguette will take around eight hours to bake, and - to successfully beat the record - must be at least 5 cm thick along its entire length.

“I hope we get the record in France, that everything goes well, and lots of people show up…to encourage us,” said Sylvain Lecarpentier, baker at Boulangerie Le Fournil Henri VI, who has been baking bread in Suresnes for 14 years, and is one of the local bakers taking part.

Once the baguette has been baked, the record bid will be submitted to the Guinness World Record group, who will then confirm or deny if the bread has smashed the record. 

Part of the baguette will then be cut up and spread with chocolate spread favourite Nutella and shared with the public. The other part will be distributed to people who are living on the streets and suffering from food insecurity, in partnership with Suresnes young people’s association CeLiJe.