French farmers plan new motorway blockage protest for June 3

They are calling for road blocks across the Pyrenees

Farmers have called for action along France’s border with Spain
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Farmers in south-west France have called for a “historic” blockade along France’s border with Spain to call for fresh help for the agricultural sector.

Ultras de l’A64, a group of farmers from the Haute-Garonne department, has called for farmers to set up blockades from 10:00 on Monday, June 3. 

“This crisis is European, which is why we are calling on all farmers, unionised or not, to join us in historically blocking the Pyrenees mountain range,” said the group’s leader, Jérôme Bayle, in a statement published on Facebook. 

The blockade will be in coordination with Spanish farmers. 

French farmers began protesting in January as part of Europe-wide agricultural demonstrations against a range of issues ranging from environmental regulations to competition from cheaper foreign imports. 

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The French government offered farmers various concessions including financial aid and scrapping a plan to reduce the use of pesticides. 

The National Assembly passed a new agriculture bill on Tuesday, March 28. Many farmers complained the bill did not go far enough

Mr Bayle, who was at the forefront of the initial agricultural protests in France, said while the French government had reacted urgently to provide financial aid following initial agricultural protests, this remained “only temporary”. 

Farmers were calling for the blockade, he said, after receiving little response to their complaints from local, regional and national officials. 

Demands include the removal of energy taxes for the agricultural sector, a tightening of food safety rules, a revision of agricultural taxation and financial help to install solar panels on roofs. 

“This historic day will take place with respect for property and people,” Mr Bayle said. 

Where will roads be blocked?

The blockages will take place at the following points:


Col d'Ares



Col du Pourtalet

Col du Somport