Map: confirmed results around country from French election first round

The far right has a strong lead in rural areas but struggled to gain a foothold in many major cities

French electoral posters with inset map of projected parliamentary seats
The far right performed well in rural areas but struggled in cities
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The results of the first round of France’s parliamentary elections on June 30 have given the far-right Rassemblement National (RN) a strong lead in rural areas but the left-wing Nouveau Front Populaire (NFP) is stronger in many large cities.

The RN performed well in their traditional bastions of the north and south-east, where many of its candidates were elected outright having secured majorities after the first round of voting.

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The RN is leading the vote nationally in 258 seats, mainly of which are in rural areas. It needs 289 seats to have an absolute majority.

The NFP performed well in cities, winning in Toulouse, Lyon, Strasbourg, Bordeaux and Paris.

President Macron’s Ensemble ! alliance fared poorly, but leads nonetheless in many areas of Brittany. 

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