New sign prompts drivers not to put pedal to the metal

A simple but effective addition to a standard speed radar warning sign has seen motorists cut their speed along one road in Dordogne

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Drivers using a notorious stretch of road in the Dordogne have been warned - the police could be anywhere.

A newly installed sign on the D933 between Bergerac and Eymet warns motorists not just that there could be regular speed checks along the route, but also informs them that police radar vehicles could be anywhere along a 33km section of the highway.

In a post on its Facebook page, the prefecture said that police checks would be regularly moved to promote vigilance among drivers and prompt them to heed the speed limit.

It said that it hoped the sign would help "end the bad behaviour of some users who slow down when approaching a radar and speed up again afterwards, without respecting speed limits.

It added that more signs will soon be installed along other routes.

One regular user of the D933 told regional newspaper Sud Ouest that the sign was having an effect. "People are driving less quickly, they are scared," she said.