SOS appeal to find owners of three-legged cat found in Normandy

The pet, believed to belong to an English couple, was found at a service station

The three-legged tortoiseshell cat was found in a service station in Normandy
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[Update 02/12/23: Thanks to the hard work of a group of animal lovers who followed up leads via phone call, email and social media to try to locate the pet owners, at the beginning of December a phone call to a veterinary practice many kilometres from the place where the cat was lost, identified the owners.

They are actually a French family, and were travelling in an ordinary car (not a camper van) whilst going on holiday to Brittany. Since then the cat, named Mimine, and the owners have thankfully been reunited.

A special thanks to the lorry driver Hamid, who found Mimine at the Aire Des Haras, and Mireille who runs the rescue centre Un Toit Pour Becej where she has been well looked after until her return.]

An appeal has been set up to find the owners of a three-legged tortoiseshell cat who was found in a service station in Normandy, France. So far the owners cannot be traced.

To complicate things further the owners, believed to be an English couple, may be under the impression that their cat is no longer alive.

The background

A British couple were travelling in a camper van when they lost their three-legged tortoiseshell cat (one leg had been amputated) in July 2023 at a service station, Aire des Haras au Sap André 61, on the A28 motorway in Normandy.

They returned to the service area several times to look for her and left posters in the petrol station and food area.

However in August, on one of their visits, the couple were told that a tortoiseshell cat had been found run over and killed in the area and it was thought to be their cat.

After this they stopped going back and the posters were removed.

However it was later determined that the cat found dead had all its legs so the couple had been wrongly informed.

A truck driver found a three legged tortoiseshell cat at the service station earlier this month and contacted a local rescue group who took the cat to the vet only to find that it was not chipped.

This means there is no way of contacting the owners other than to appeal for people’s help on social media and in the press.

Locating the owners

The information is therefore being shared across social media with the hope of finding the cat’s owners. The cat is now at a refuge in Orne and the owners have until the end of November to come forward for their pet after which the lorry driver who found the cat will adopt it.

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