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Also inside January’s Connexion are new and practical articles on such topics as:

• French MP's plan to stop daily barrage of cold sales calls

• New Year - the ideal time to look again at your finances in France

• A visit to the well-known Indian town that is more French than France

• Is there an ombudsman for car hire insurance disputes in France?

• Green energy offers in France: Not all as green as you may think

• Make sense of ... the DMP, France's online medical record system

• Can I do scooter/motorbike training in France with a UK driving licence?

• I'm self-employed person, how do I get a VAT number?

• How can we inherit from father in France who left no will?

• Education in France and children with learning difficulties: One family's story

• First-aid app is a real life-saver as it finds local people who can help

• Association to help US citizens abroad

• Why the French booze but rarely binge

• Tax at a difficult time: Declaring income following the death of a spouse

The newspaper also includes plenty of features and interviews such as:

• Trench-life: New-found poems and sketches reveal life on Great War's front line

• A tour of France's rich musical heritage

• The British designer behind a southern fashion empire

• Ex-Brighton couple flushed with sustainable gardening success

• Tiny houses: Live the French dream in your own little house on the prairie

• Tomb tales: remarkable stories buried in France's cemeteries

• Brittany cider makers seeking pomme perfection

• History: Fire and murderous fury in medieval Laon

• We reveal what New York was originally called (and it's not what you think)

• Fake views: How restored Carcassone got its name...

• Bilingual crosswords + quiz + readers’ letters + books + films + events + lots more

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