Taxes, banks, energy: Five French practical updates

Our recap of the most important articles you may have missed

We also cover information on free training being offered to small business owners, and deadlines for sending parcels overseas
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How to reduce bank charges

We start with an article listing advice on how to reduce monthly banking fees in France.

We look at advice on how to keep your account in good order – to avoid surprise charges – to a number of actions you can take to cut monthly fees down.

One particularly useful piece of advice is to avoid ATM fees – most French ATMs charge a fee unless you withdraw from one affiliated/partnered with your own bank.

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Free training for small business owners

People who own small businesses in France can benefit from free government training, as part of France’s covid recovery plans.

Businesses that have existed for more than two years – and have a turnover of €15,000 or more – are eligible for up to ten hours of training.

The classes range from digital technology training to advanced skills in specific industries, depending on the nature of your business.

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Thermostats and power cuts

The first of two articles this week looks at the new ‘plan thermostat’ in France, which aims to encourage people to install energy saving thermostats on older heaters.

The second looks at the controversial plan to limit electrical supply to certain homes to avoid widespread power cuts this winter.

In reality, however, energy production is much higher than this time last year, with more than a dozen extra nuclear reactors online – and a drop in overall energy consumption – making outages quite unlikely this winter.

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Still possible to send parcels abroad

If you are planning on sending parcels or letters back home (be it to the UK, US, or elsewhere) deadlines are fast approaching.

Deadlines for non-European parcels are around December 9, whilst to send to the UK, December 15 is the deadline for a guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery.

We compare the information from a number of different delivery sources, although sending the parcels off as soon as possible is the best course of action.

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Key financial information in December

Finally, we wrap up with a list of some financial news and changes in France, coming in December.

We also cover the key dates relating to tax information – deadlines to pay and alternate information on certain taxes, as well as a reminder to get charitable donations before December 31 (so you can benefit from the tax deductions.)

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