UPDATED: Strikes in France in June 2024 and how you may be impacted

Action set to affect sectors including ports and train transport

Several strikes are due to take place in June
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The start of summer in France shows no let up for strike action. We take a look at which strikes have already been called for June onwards, and which sectors could be affected. 

And there is good news as one national strike has been called off. 

Farmer blockades 

Farmers in south-west France have called for a “historic” blockade along the France-Spain border on Monday, June 3 from 10:00. 

The blockade will be in coordination with Spanish farmers. 

Demands include the scrapping of energy taxes for agriculture, food safety, a revision of agricultural taxation and financial aid for solar panels. 

The blockages will take place at: Pertus; Col d'Ares; Bourg-Madame; Bossòs; Col du Pourtalet; Col du Somport; Biriatou.

Postal workers

The Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) and Nice (Alpes-Maritimes) CGT unions have announced their intention to strike between June 3 and 9, demanding “compensation” for postal workers affected by the increased workload of delivering political manifestos for the European elections.

Several other areas have also given strike notice, including in Aimargues (Gard) and Chauny (Aisne), along with the Sud PTT 56 union in Brittany.

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Air traffic controllers 

French air traffic controllers have cancelled a strike at Paris Orly airport that was  planned on June 11, 12 and 13.

Unions say they do not want to interfere with France's parliamentary elections, which are scheduled for June 30 and July 7.

The strikes planned for July 4 and 5 have also been cancelled.

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French ports 

A strike will take place in French ports throughout June due to pension and labour issues.

Stoppages will last for a period of four hours between 10:00 and 16:00. 

The strike, called by the Union of Transport and Logistics Companies of France, could delay ship operations and affect container removal operations and docking.

The CGT Union called for June 7 in particular to be a day of "ports morts", or 'dead ports'.

The strike is expected to have more of an effect on freight operations than ferry travel, however travel through the ports of Calais and Cherbourg is impacted.

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RATP Parisian public transport staff - May to September 

Workers for RATP, which runs the French capital’s public transport, have been on a renewable strike since February. 

Unions called the strike over issues including low pay and working conditions. 

It will last until the end of the Olympic and Paralympic Games on September 9. 

The warning means a strike could happen on any day during the period, so travellers to Paris are advised to check if there have been any disruptions announced for the period during which they will visit. 

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Private hospital staff - June 18 onwards

The healthcare branch of the CFDT union has called on private healthcare workers to join a renewable strike (one with no fixed end date) from June 18. 

The union claims secret deals between the government and Federation of Private Hospitals will result in a backtrack on promised payrises. 

Services including elderly care homes and thermal medical spas are likely to be affected.

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A previous strike by staff in private hospitals and clinics across France due to take place from June 3 was suspended. 

Public hospital staff - June 11

Workers in public hospitals, and certain private hospitals which have partial public service functions, engaged in a one-day strike on June 11. 

The main concerns are over hospital bed closures, difficulty for patients to access local care, and in public hospitals, pay and working conditions. 

The SUD union's healthcare branch filed a strike motion lasting until the end of June. 

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