Winter tyres, heating oil, fuel: 10 November dates to note in France

From increased government support to taxe d’habitation payment deadlines to Black Friday, we look at key dates coming up in France

We look at key dates to note in November 2022 in France
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[Update November 1 at 08:00 - The government has now announced that fines will not be handed out for non-compliance with winter tyre rules until at least the end of 2022.]

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Toussaint public holiday

November 1 marks Toussaint (All Saints’ Day) in France, which is a public holiday.

Many people faire le pont (make a bridge) between the weekend and Toussaint by taking today (October 31) as a holiday day so some shops or services may be closed or reduced.

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All Saints’ Day is followed by All Souls’ Day, an occasion on which people traditionally visit the graves of loved ones who have passed away.

However, the fact that November 1 is a public holiday means that many people will also go on Tuesday to lay flowers and reflect.

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Trêve hivernale begins

France’s trêve hivernale, which bans landlords from evicting tenants over the winter months, will begin on November 1. It will end on March 31, 2023.

This also means that energy producers cannot cut off a client’s electricity or gas if they fail to pay their bills although they can reduce electrical voltage.

Winter tyre rules enforced

From November 1 until March 31, people driving in mountainous areas where winter tyre/snow chain requirements are in place will risk a fine of €135 if they do not comply with the rules.

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This is because of the Loi Montagne, which applies to 48 French departments. These departments can choose to implement the rules across their whole area, only in certain communes or not at all.

In participating departments, cars, vans, buses and lorries are all concerned, with the only exception being cars fitted with studded tyres.

Vehicles such as cars, camper vans and vans can either use four winter tyres or, failing this, carry fabric socks or metal snow chains in their boot.

Winter tyre laws came into effect last year but drivers were given a grace period, meaning that penalties will only be enforceable this winter.

Some 34 departments have decided to enforce the rules across some or all of their area this year. You can find out more about the specific communes affected here.

Single-parent family support increased

The government will increase the sums paid in allocation de soutien familial (ASF), which is designed to help single-parent families, from November 1.

The ASF will rise by 50%, from €122.93 to €184.39 per month and per child.

Parents can only claim this aid if they live in France with at least one dependent child, whose other parent has not contributed to their living costs for at least a month. The parent cannot receive more than €184.39 in pension alimentaire (child support).

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New repairability indicators for appliances

From November 4, dishwashers, pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners and some washing machines will need to carry a label showing how easy it is to repair them if they are affected by a fault.

Since January 1, 2021, manufacturers have had to attach an indice de reparabilité ranging from one to 10 to some appliances, including computers and televisions.

This measure is designed to better inform customers about the products they are buying and reduce wastage.

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School pupils return from holidays

Schools will come back from their Toussaint half-term breaks on November 7, having broken up on the weekend of October 22.

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Support for people heating homes with oil

Certain people who use heating oil in their homes will receive a cheque worth €100-€200 on November 8, depending on their income.

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This will apply to people who received the government’s chèque énergie in 2022 and who used it to buy heating oil.

These people will be sent the new cheque automatically.

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Cross-sector strike planned

French unions have called for a national strike on November 10, and this movement is expected to cause greater disruption than a previous strike on October 27.

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This day of mobilisation is expected to impact transport services, as unions representing RATP workers in Paris suggest it could be a day of “0 métro, 0 RER”.

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Armistice Day

There will be a public holiday in France on November 11 to mark the Jour de l’Armistice (Armistice Day).

Commemorative events will take place across the country and a two-minute silence will be held at 11:00.

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Taxe d’habitation payment deadline

The 20% of French households which are still obliged to pay taxe d’habitation on their main home this year will need to do so in November.

If you do not pay online but rather by cheque, cash, card, TIP Sepa interbank transfer etc., the deadline is November 15.

For online payments through the website or app, the deadline is November 20, and if you have a direct debit the money will be taken from your account on November 25.

Taxe d’habitation is slowly being phased out, and no one will have to pay it for their main residence in 2023. However, the tax will be maintained for all second-homes. There is often a December deadline for second-home payments.

Fuel discounts reduced

On November 15, the government will reduce the fuel discount being applied at all of France’s petrol stations from 30 cents per litre to 10 cents.

This change was supposed to happen on November 1, but the government chose to extend it in response to the disruption caused by the refinery strikes which caused significant fuel shortages throughout October.

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TotalEnergies will also continue offering its 20-cent-per-litre discount until November 15, before reducing it to 10 cents.

Lastprime exceptionnelle de rentrée payments

Since September 15, the government has been sending out primes exceptionnelles de rentrée payments to help lower-income households with the rising cost of living.

The support comes to €100, plus an extra €50 for each dependent child. Some 10.8 million households receiving state benefits or student bursaries were set to benefit.

On November 15, the last group of recipients – people who benefit from the prime d’activité for low-income workers – will get their payment. However, they will only receive €28, plus €14 for each dependent child.

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Beaujolais Nouveau Day

At 00:01 on the third Thursday of November – November 17 this year – more than one million cases of Beaujolais wine start their journey across France, and a race begins to get the first bottles out to markets around the world.

Beaujolais Nouveau is different to other French wines in that it is drunk almost immediately after harvesting, and is known for its cheerful unpretentiousness.

It is sold in 110 countries around the world and Beaujolais Nouveau Day is marked with fireworks, music and festivals.

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National Day of Monaco

Although it is not in France, the Principality of Monaco has strong links to the country, and it may be of interest that November 19 marks the National Day of Monaco, which is also known as the Sovereign Prince’s Day and is typically celebrated with fireworks over the harbour the night before.

Monegasque residents hang flags out of their windows and the Prince and his family make an appearance at the Palace.

The public holiday is an opportunity to witness the pomp of Monegasque tradition, with the Knights of Malta wearing their uniforms and medals as they attend mass at the Saint Nicholas Cathedral.

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Black Friday

Black Friday falls on November 25 this year.

This is the day on which brands across much of the world offer discounts on their products ahead of Christmas.

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