Can I check how many points are on my French driving licence?

Information can be found online, and cannot be asked for by your employer or insurance provider

If you are lose points on your licence, it is possible to find the information, although it is confidential

Reader Question: I have been fined for speeding twice in recent years. How can I find out how many points I now have on my French licence?

As a reminder, the points system for French driving licences is the opposite of those used in some other countries, such as the UK, where points are added for breaking laws.

In France, drivers with a full licence start with a maximum 12 points.

Points then deducted for applicable offences, such as speeding or going through a red light.

New drivers who pass their test obtain a permis probatoire, or probationary licence, and start with six points.

If they have not committed any offences, they then have two points added every year for three years to accumulate the maximum 12.

Where can I look at my points?

To find out how many points remain on your French driving licence, you can visit the Télépoints website, where you can log in using the France-Connect system if you have other relevant log-ins (eg. for the impôts website or Ameli).

Otherwise you need:

  • The NEPH number indicated on your driving licence (it is on the top left at the back of the credit card-style licences)

  • The Télépoints code, which can be found on official letters notifying you that points are going to be withdrawn

If you do not have this information, the website gives an option to insert personal details to generate new codes.

Details are available to select few

Only you, the prefecture and legal officials are entitled to information about the number of points on your French licence.

Neither insurance companies nor employers can compel you to provide this.

You do, however, have a legal obligation to notify your insurer if you have used up all your points, if your licence has been cancelled, or if it has been removed by a court.

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