Can we prove residence if we live on a boat?

We moved our boat here from the UK but have no French address except for the marina. We do not want to get into trouble but seem to hit a brick wall when trying to gain legitimacy for residence. Do you have any advice? P.E.

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We assume that by ‘gaining legitimacy’ you mean obtaining a carte de séjour thus proving your residence in France?
This is not an obligation while the UK remains in the EU, however many people are looking to obtain one to prove they are established in ‘stable and legal’ residence in the event of Brexit. A ‘permanent’ one, obtainable after five years’ residence as an EU citizen, is deemed especially desirable.

After Brexit, however, it is likely that having a card will be required (unless it is decided otherwise in the negotiations). A spokesman for the Direction Générale des Etrangers en France (part of the Interior Ministry) said: “To have a residence card, a proof of residence will be required, as it says in the Code de l’entrée de du séjour des étrangers en France.

“Concerning a person who lives permanently on a boat, one would have to consider the durable nature of the boat being moored in the same place.

“As a result the applicant would have to present, as well as their certificate of ownership or a rental contract of the boat within its validity date, one of the following: An attestation from the capitainerie of the port, that you own a mooring space or rent it on a permanent basis, or an insurance attestation for the boat.”