Home energy efficiency: Key dates for property owners in France

Use our easy-read timeline to see the dates which may affect the sale or rental of your property depending on its energy efficiency rating

We look at dates to bear in mind for people hoping to rent or sell their energy inefficient property in France
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France’s government is tightening its rules regarding home energy efficiency ratings (Diagnostic de performance énergétique or DPE), in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save on overall gas and electricity consumption.

Homes with the lowest energy efficiency ratings will soon be banned from the rental market unless they undergo renovations to make them more eco-friendly, as a result of the Loi Climat et résilience.

From January 1, 2023, people who own properties with an energy efficiency rating (diagnostic de performance énergétique) of G – the lowest score possible – and which consume over 450kWH per square metre per year, will no longer be able to rent them out.

This rule will extend to all G-rated properties from 2025, all F-rated properties from 2028 and all E-rated properties from 2034.

We look at the key dates to watch out for with regards to energy ratings if you own a property in France.

Note: seasonal rentals for tourism purposes are not affected

What are energy audits?

Energy audits are expected to cost about €1,000 for an average-sized home, rising to €2,500 for larger properties.

Audits are in addition to the existing obligatory DPE energy check, which provides the efficiency rating letter (A to G). The latter forms part of a standard dossier of certificates sellers must present, costing around €500.

The new audit must give details of the insulation and changes to heating systems needed to raise the energy rating, how much these will cost, and what financial aids are available.

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