How can I check the last caller on my French landline?

This depends on the technical specifications of your device and your operator

It is possible to check who was the last caller on a French landline telephone
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Is there a way to check who was the last caller on a French landline telephone? R.B.

Yes, there are several ways, but it will depend on how you access your phone service and which operator you use.

The standard number for Orange (formerly France Télécom) lines used to be 3131, but for people who use classic RTC (réseau téléphonique commuté) lines, this ended at the end of 2020. This refers to phones simply plugged into a special wall socket where the line does not pass through an internet-connected box.

Note that RTC services are set to end in France in 2023. From this point, it will no longer be possible to plug phones directly into the wall.

Orange said at the time of the switch-off that the 3131 number would still work for people who access their phone via a box, which is an IP (internet) service.

Otherwise, the firm says people can also access information on the last caller by calling its free telephone messaging service on 3103. It lists information on any calls that you did not respond to or that were made while you were on the phone, whether or not the person actually left a message.

To use it, your phone must be a relatively recent one called à fréquence vocale (voice frequency), though most phones these days are this kind. Failing this, many modern phones have a built-in call diary feature (journal or carnet d’appels), which allows you to scroll through missed calls as you would do on a mobile phone.

If you use Free, then 3131 is still the number to use for checking the last caller.

Bouygues, on the other hand, says you can use 631.

With SFR, you should check that you have Historique d’appel turned on in your user space online (see Téléphonie and Configuration).

On the same page, you should be able to see the last six calls, whether received, made or missed.

You can also activate an ‘alert in the case of a missed call’ which causes a light to flash on your box.

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