I have not received France’s €100 inflation bonus: what can I do?

Inflation compensation payments began to be rolled out to their 38 million recipients in December, but some people are still yet to get theirs

A new website has been set up for eligible people needing to claim their inflation compensation payment
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Reader Question: My husband and I both qualify for this payment but we didn’t receive an email confirming this nor any payment. We contacted the relevant authorities and were told on March 2 that a website enabling people who had not had their payment to claim it would be operational soon. Has this website been launched yet?


The government announced earlier in March that those who were eligible for but who had not yet received the €100 inflation compensation payment would soon be able to claim it online.

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Inflation compensation payments began in December, working through different groups of recipients until the end of February. Therefore, if you have still not received your bonus you should take action now to make sure that you are not overlooked.

People waiting for their payment were initially instructed to contact the service responsible for distributing it, but then a dedicated government website was launched to this end on March 25.

It can now be found here.

You can use the system if you are an employee, civil servant, self-employed worker, small business owner, jobseeker, retiree, or if you receive support such as the revenu de solidarité active back to work benefit.

If you qualify for the inflation bonus but only claim maternity, paternity or temporary incapacity benefits you will need to wait for the service to be updated before using it.

If you are a UK state pensioner you should have received your payment from the French Direction générale des finances publiques tax service on February 4. The website does not specify whether retirees with foreign pensions may use the service or whether they will have to wait for the update.

In order to claim your €100 payment, you will need to log in using France Connect and then enter details relevant to your situation.

If you are found to be eligible for the grant you will then be paid directly into your account.

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