Is a second French visa application process easier than the first?

A reader asks whether applicants who have already been granted a visa in the past can take any shortcuts the second time round

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[Article updated June 27 at 11:00. We had previously quoted the visa service website stating that applicants would only have to submit biometric data once every 59 months but it has now been clarified that this does not apply to long-stay visas.]

Reader Question: I have a six-month visa to visit France: do I have to go through the same application process next year or is there an easier way as a renewal?

Firstly, it should be noted that British nationals may only have one six-month visa per year, so the start date of the second must be a year or more after the start date of the first.

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You are allowed to apply for a long-stay visa up to 90 days before your proposed departure date, so you may begin the process around three months after your first visa comes to an end.

When filling in your second application form on the France Visas website, you will have to provide details of any previous extended stays in France, including during your current visa period.

Other than filling in this additional information, The Connexion understands that it will still be necessary to go to TLS Contact to submit your supporting documents – including your passport, proof of funds, proof of healthcare cover and purpose of stay.

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