Is a UK will from 27 years ago still valid in France?

We look at why it pays to review your will every few years

Generally if there have not been changes made to the will it should still apply, but it is best to check

Reader question: My wife and I (second marriages) have four adult children between us. Are wills we made in the UK 27 years ago still valid in France?

If the wills were made after your marriage, or shortly before with a clear statement that they were made in anticipation of the marriage, and they have not been revoked in any way then they will still apply.

However, best practice is to review your wills approximately every five years.

In the context of French assets this is particularly relevant as your wills may be deemed to constitute an implied election of English law to govern what happens to your French assets given that they were made before the EU Succession Regulation (Brussels IV) came into force in 2015.

The legal and tax consequences may not be exactly what you had intended, and this could be costly for the ultimate beneficiaries who inherit as a result of these wills, namely inheritance tax of 60% if a stepchild inherits from a stepparent.

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