Is it too late to change French declaration of 2022 income?

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to tax – and corrections will not usually lead to penalties

Tax return form can be completed online allowing changes to be made far more easily

Reader question: I forgot to mention a small amount I made from selling some cryptocurrency last year. Is it too late to change my 2023 tax return? And, if I can do it, will there be penalties?

It is not too late, and it is simple to make changes, especially if, as most people do, you declared online.

A service for corrections opens this year from August 2 via your personal space on the tax website. Click "Accéder à la correction en ligne," make your changes, and then click "Valider." A new avis d’impôt will be issued.

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If you take the initiative, no penalties will be levied for late declaration, though it is possible that you might have to pay interest.

If so, this interest would only start from July and would usually be at a reduced rate of 0.1%, though if this is the first time it has happened, there might be nothing to pay.

Cryptocurrency is declared on annexe form 2086 and carried over on to box 3AN (this is on the 2042C if declaring on paper). Search for the 2086 paper form on for more information.

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