Pools, insurance, tax bills: French property round up

Our review of recent property articles you might have missed

One article also looks at the rules around clearing garden growth
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Another set of erroneous tax bills – this time sent to children

Children across France have received property tax bills – some for more than €2,000 – as a result of administrative errors.

Mistakes both from parents filling in this year’s property form, and errors from the tax authorities themselves have caused the issue.

Parents of any child who has received a bill in error have been asked to contact the tax authorities to let them know so it can be rectified and the bill cancelled.

Earlier this month, thousands of homeowners received property tax bills for homes they do not own, due to mistakes in the tax authorities’ database.

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Pool owners fight back over water consumption claims

The federation of French pool owners have released data that states only a fraction of overall water usage in France is related to swimming pool usage, and owners are unfairly ‘stigmatised’ for having a pool.

The federation states that less than 0.1% of water in France is used for private pools, and hundreds of millions more cubic metres are wasted from water leaks alone.

It adds that the negative spotlight cast on pools has also impacted local economies, with the number of pools being built in 2023 seeing a noticeable decrease.

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Garden growth and branch cutting rules

This article reviews the rules surrounding garden growth and how it must be cleared (débroussaillage).

We look at the areas to which the rules apply, what exactly needs to be done, and the penalties for non-compliance.

Another article – answering a recent question sent in by a Connexion reader – looks at the rules surrounding branches overhanging gardens and property boundaries.

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How well-covered are you by your home insurance?

Finally, we review the cover typically provided by home insurance policies in France.

We look at what is almost certain to be covered, what is dependent on other factors, and what things you may need to pay extra for.

The article also reviews the two different types of home insurance contracts.

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