Property watch: Côtes-d’Armor - France’s very own Cornwall

Popular among Britons for its relative closeness to the UK, this department offers a huge variety of properties with a seaview to enjoy

Clockwise: views of Saint-Brieuc, Dinan, Guingamp, Lannion

Departmental capital: Saint-Brieuc

Main cities/towns: Dinan, Guingamp, Lannion

There’s something about Brittany that makes Britons just a little bit giddy – in the best way.

Maybe it’s the ancient mystery of the landscape and the proud tradition of the people. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a French Cornwall – in fact, in 2018 scientists revealed that, geologically, Cornwall and its neighbour Devon were once part of France.

More likely, it’s the fact that – after a relatively short and straightforward hop across the Channel – it’s the first place in France that many see, and it doesn’t half do a good job of showing off the best of France to visitors.

Property prices have jumped in the mid-2010s, thanks in part to its popularity with UK-based house hunters tempted by the weather, scenery and ease of access via ferry ports to England’s south coast. It’s no wonder that it’s popular with second-home owners and holidaymakers.

That’s not to say bargains are hard to come by. You’ll still find plenty of properties that will give you more for your money than in the UK.

Even with the coastal property price bounce along all seaside departments in France, the Côtes-d’Armor is still a highly affordable place to look for property – whether you’re planning on moving to France lock, stock and barrel, or if you’re considering a holiday home.

An average price for a house in Saint-Brieuc is €1,816 per m², while houses in neighbouring Dinan can be sold for €2,024 per m². You can expect to pay more for a seaside property with a nice view but you’ll be surprised at how much you can get for your money.

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