Taking rubbish to collective bins during confinement

We live in a small village and do not have a household rubbish collection service. We have to take our rubbish to the déchetterie about one kilometre away. There is not a section on the form which covers this task. The local gendarmerie are fining people for going out without a reason listed in the form. I sent an email to our mairie , local councillor, the local gendarmes , and the main prefecture, no answer. Several neighbours are in the same situation. Can you help?

The Connexion was unable to reach the official French Covid-19 helpline on this point but we did call a rural mairie who said they had had several enquiries on this subject.

Their advice is – do not make a special trip to take your rubbish but take it with you when you go out to shop and tick the box for déplacements pour effectuer des achats de première nécessité dans des établissements autorisés.

Note that déchetteries are currently closed. However, you can use other collective bins if you have no collection service.

The mairie employee said they have not had any formal advice on this subject from any higher authority but as the aim is to limit your movements this seems a sensible solution, and they think you will not be fined if you can show you are on your way to the shops.

The employee said their general advice is for people to use their common sense to do everything to limit the number of times they go out.

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