What do I need to know to set up a consulting business in France?

We explain different structures and turnover limits for TVA (VAT)

The most common way to start a freelance consultancy would be as a micro-entrepreneur (also known as auto-entrepreneur)
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Reader question: I am an Anglo-American living in France and want to set up a consulting business. What are the VAT and tax implications? P.M.

You should probably take professional advice as to the best set-up for your plans.

However, the most common way to start a freelance consultancy would be as a micro-entrepreneur (also known as auto-entrepreneur).

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You can create your business at autoentrepreneur.urssaf.fr. Your activity will be considered a profession libérale and you do not have to be concerned with VAT until turnover is more than €34,400.

You can stay in the micro system up to €72,600, after which you have to change to the réel accounting regime, keeping all receipts and claiming ‘real’ expenses.

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Social charges are calculated differently on the réel, which may also be opted for, regardless of income level, if you believe you would have a lot of expenses to offset.

Social charges under the micro would be 22% and would be levied on turnover, monthly or three-monthly.

Tax would be optionally at a set 2.2%, also levied regularly on turnover (this option is available within certain income ceilings) or under the standard income tax bands after an allowance of 34%.

If you wish to operate in regulated fields, such as real estate or financial advice, you should have a suitable diploma of a type recognised by France.

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