What is FranceConnect?

Many Britons who live in France can take advantage of a simplified way to sign in online to hundreds of services: FranceConnect.

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What is it and how does it work?

FranceConnect avoids you having to remember a different password for different government services and other sites. You need one password and one user ID code (identifiant).

You can use one you set up for any of these: impots.gouv.fr (tax website); ameli.fr (site for Cpam health authorities); Mobile Connect et Moi (for Orange mobile customers – to be expan­ded later to other firms); MSA (farmers’ social security); alicem (an Interior Ministry app); or La Poste’s identité numérique.

FranceConnect is linked to these because they all check a person’s identity carefully as part of registration.

There is therefore currently no way to use the service if you are a non-French non-resident with no declarable French income.

A government spokesman also clarified that as well as having an account with a relevant partner, users should also be on France's RNIPP database which records people who have lived or worked in France.

"For this, a non-French person should have been affiliated to a French social security regime, which is the case when the person works, studies, or has healthcare in France," he said.

To access L’identité numérique (lidentitenumerique.laposte.fr/), Mobile Connect et Moi (mobileconnectetmoi.fr/) or alicem, you must supply a French passport or a French-issued identity document (eg. carte de séjour).

If you opt to use L’identité numérique, for example, because you have no ameli or impots account, you are required to scan a copy of your ID document and obtain a code sent to your mobile.

Then there is a check in person by a post worker or at a post office.

If you moved to France recently and do not have an account on the tax website, you may set one up without making a first tax declaration by applying for a numéro fiscal (tax identification number).

Visit your tax office or fill in the form at: impots.gouv.fr/portail/contacts?778.

Click L’accès à votre espace particulier.

Once your identity has been checked, an email will be sent indicating further steps.

If you already have one of the required accounts, look for the blue S’identifier avec France Connect button on official sites as well as numerous others. Click on it to put in your codes and to be connected.