UK government backs bill on votes for life

The UK government has officially backed a private member's bill giving votes for life to Britons overseas

The UK government will officially take the opportunity of MP Glyn Davies' bill having its second House of Commons reading on February 23 to fulfill its promise to end the '15-year rule'.

The bill aims to give votes to all Britons who have been registered voters in the UK in the past, or just lived in the country. The draft text says it will take effect on a date to be set afterwards, in regulations, by ministers. 

The move, which the Cabinet Office has confirmed to Connexion, is good news for Britons abroad, especially those who have already lost their votes and were therefore prevented from voting in the EU referendum or recent general elections. 

Ending the rule was a Conservative policy at the last two general elections and is also a Liberal Democrat policy. The current government previously said they would act on it before the next elections, expected to be in 2022.

There are more details about the bill in this previous article. 

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