Deadlines for French income tax declarations in 2018

Dates for paper and online declarations are slightly different

There is less than a month remaining before French income tax declarations for 2017 income have to be declared.

The first deadline is for paper declarations for residents and non-residents across the whole of the country. Online declarations are due a few days later, and partly depend on where you live in France.

The dates are as follows:

By paper (both for residents and non-residents): By midnight, Thursday, May 17

Online for non-residents and departments 01 to 19: By midnight, Tuesday, May 22

Online for departments 20-49: By midnight, Tuesday, May 29

Online for departments 50-976: By midnight, Tuesday, June 5

If you are due a refund or have no tax to pay, you will be informed in your personal space on the impots website between July 24 and August 7, or by post between July 23 and September 3.

If you are liable for income tax, you will be informed between July 31 and August 21, if you have declared online, or by post from August 7 to 28. Those who have arranged to pay by monthly instalments will receive their notifications from August 21 to September 3.

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