Letters: Amazon UK is too expensive in France

Connexion reader says the reasons behind rising prices are unclear

A view of packaging with the Amazon logo on it
Reader says Amazon UK has a better range for Britons in France

To the Editor,

About two months ago (after years of buying items from them), Amazon UK suddenly tripled and even quadrupled their delivery charges to France for all their own shipped products.

Amazon UK is fairly difficult to reach and after trying repeatedly through ‘chat’ to find a reason for this, the somewhat clueless staff were unable to provide an answer.

The reason expats use Amazon UK is of course because it has been often cheaper and better stocked than the French counterpart, even factoring in delivery charges.

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That has all changed and no one knows why. 

Other third-party sellers continue with reasonable charges, but the problem is that non-Amazon supplied products are subject to tax/custom duties here on arrival.

I can only imagine that Amazon is not interested any more in supplying British expats in France and elsewhere in Europe with its products.

Darren Ball, by email

Editor’s note:

An Amazon spokesman said: “Like most businesses, we are not immune to inflationary pressures and we regularly review the costs associated with delivering between different countries.”

He added that Prime members in France can enjoy free and unlimited shipping on millions of items here by shopping on Amazon.fr. Amazon UK’s website states that standard delivery to France costs £8.49 per delivery, plus £1.49 per kilogram. The order summary page displays the VAT charged on your delivery rate.

Delivery costs charged by third-party sellers on Amazon.co.uk may vary. Delivery costs are shown when you place your order.

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