Letters: French visa application complicated by inferior software

Connexion reader says applicants must pay more for insurance due to limitations of embassy computer 

Reader says the French embassy's computer software can only process insurance details for periods of months rather than days

To the Editor,

This is really getting out of hand. Your readers might like to be aware of what happened at our recent visa application.

We have to fly to Wellington from Auckland in New Zealand every year as we want to stay four to six months. This is, of course, hugely expensive but the price we pay for a second home in France.

We have always taken out health insurance for the number of days we are out of the country (this is also very expensive) and that has been acceptable. 

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However the embassy has a new computer system which they apologetically said could only handle full months’ insurance.

As a result, we had to purchase an extra two weeks’ cover at additional cost because their computer software is rubbish. You really cannot make this stuff up.

I also asked why we have to go every year for fingerprinting and photographs when they already have them, only to be told they do not store them for security reasons!

Brian Kirk, by email

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