Quoi de neuf - French shopping in December 2018

New products, designs and ideas from around France

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Pure fabrication

Toulemonde bochart has been making rugs since 1946 and today works alongside renowned designers to create original, contemporary designs. Among these creative minds is Florence Bourel, whose dazzling Japanese-motifed Osaka rug (pictured) is crafted from New Zealand wool and silk.

This is among the many high quality, French-made products sold by La Camif, an online shop for decoration, furnishings and equipment for interior and exterior use.

The website emphasizes quality and durability for local and responsible consumption with a nod to environmental and societal challenges.Osaka rug from €1,150.


When 13 is lucky for some

The ritual scoffing of 13 desserts following a Christmas feed in Provence has assumed legendary status, in both the gluttony and taste sensation stakes. Variations on the dishes’ content vary locally but usually they include dried fruit and nuts like figs and almonds (said to represent monks) as well as sweeter treats such as calissons d’Aix and candied fruit.

Bringing this tradition to the table in a handy ‘coffret’ is notable purveyor of sweet treats Le Roy René. The box includes calissons, nougat, dried figs and apricots, dates, slices of candied orange and clementines, fruit pastes, almonds, hazelnuts and raisins.


Finders keepers

French tech innovators are very good at finding simple solutions for everyday problems – none of which is more annoying or inconvenient than losing a purse, wallet or passport.

An example of this ‘can-solve’ attitude is Wistiki Hopla!. This slim tracking device with aesthetic input from by Philippe Starck combines elegance with technology to ensure important items can always be found – just use an app on your smartphone to call it or vice-versa for a lost phone.

At just €39.99, this is the ideal Christmas gift for travellers, absent-minded or not.


Welcome to the fold!

Bernard the fox, Edward the panda, Gaston the raccoon – these are all popular members of the 3D animal family created by Agent Paper, an eco-friendly brand of stationery and creative leisure products enjoying great success after launching in Rennes, Brittany.

The environmental angle is clever – the company uses unwanted paper stock from local supplier Micro Lynx and transforms it into postcards, notepads, diaries and calendars.

Its most popular products, however, are the decorative 3D folded (by you!) animals which can be put on the wall – friendlier in so many ways than taxidermy versions! Fox, €35: 50cm tall, 40cm deep; build time around three hours.