21 drivers fined €135 for filming road accident scene in east France

Gendarmerie in Marne called the behaviour ‘risky and inappropriate’

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Taking photos or videos of a road accident is banned by the French code de la route, and subject to a fine of €135
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Gendarmes in east France have fined 21 drivers after they filmed a road accident, with the officers condemning curiosity as a “vile flaw”.

The drivers were found to be taking photos and filming the incident in Marne, Grand Est. This is banned by road rules la Code de la route.

The punishment is a fine of €135.

The accident in question was of an HGV, which lost control on the route nationale (RN) 44 near Vitry-le-François, and tipped over, releasing its contents – rubble – onto the road.

Emergency services arrived quickly, firstly to help haul the HGV upright, and secondly to remove its contents from the road.

The route was closed temporarily to enable this, meaning traffic began to build up around the scene of the accident, and drivers began taking photos and videos using their smartphones.

The gendarmerie condemned the drivers’ actions, calling the behaviour “inappropriate curiosity”, which "led to a high risk of extra accidents".

The “motorbike brigade in Vitry-le-François had to intervene to stop this behaviour and report the infractions”, the gendarmerie added.

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