Ancient discovery changes modern plans

A glass floor will ensure archaeological remains found at the site of a development in Nantes will be preserved and on display

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An archaeological discovery has prompted major changes to plans for a commercial and housing development in the centre of Nantes.

Mediaeval remains, including part of the walls of the Constable's Tower were uncovered during a pre-construction dig at the site in square Fleuriot, near Place du Commerce, where a Uniqlo clothing shop and housing development are scheduled to open in mid-2019.

Plans for the development have been changed to preserve the remains, local authorities said. A basement, which would have destroyed the remains has been shelved, while a heavy duty glass floor will allow customers entering the shop to see the centuries-old walls in situ.

The store itself will move from the ground floor to the first floor, while the number of private properties planned for the building will be lowered.