Another hot spell heads for France: what to expect next week

Southwestern areas may see temperatures of 40C, and other regions 30-35C. The heat is expected to peak on Wednesday

An image of a bright sun in a blue sky
Temperatures are expected to rise over the weekend in France, leading to a particularly hot spell early next week

France may experience its third heatwave of the year next week, with temperatures already rising over the weekend.

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The heat is expected to intensify on Monday and Tuesday (August 1 and 2), before peaking on Wednesday, with the highest temperatures being felt in the south of the country.

“In the southwesterly quarter [of France] it will approach 40C again,” SportRizer meteorologist Yann Amice told Ouest France.

Even if they do not reach the 40C threshold, temperatures will be around 35C across the southern half of France, and around 30C in the northern half.

The only place not included in this hot spell will be the area around the Channel, where temperatures will be warm but not unusual for this time of year.

An anticyclone and a heat dome

The high temperatures will be brought about by an anticyclone in the Atlantic, which is warming the air over France and creating a heat dome.

However, in contrast to previous heatwaves, this weather system is not being compounded by hot air moving up from the Sahara, so the temperatures should not be as intense as they were, for example, during the June heatwave.

The heat should abate before next weekend, when storms are expected to arrive in France.

However, Mr Amice added that “modelling shows the anticyclone move towards the west of Ireland,” and that “by putting itself in that position, it will block any possible arrival” of fresher air from the west.

Therefore, temperatures could rise again the week after next.

Forecasting service Chaîne Météo has said that this hot spell could be a sign of things to come over August, stating that the month looks set to bring with it “intense heat and dryness”.

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