Find a doctor who speaks English

Doctors are forbidden from advertising their services - making finding an English-speaker difficult

Q: Can you give me details of an English-speaking doctor near to where I live in Brittany?

A: This is difficult because professional ethics rules forbid doctors from advertising their services and are policed by the doctors’ professional body the Ordre des Médecins.

British consulates used to provide lists in their area but no longer do so, on request from the order. This is also partly, said Marseille British Consul Simon Taylor, so the consulates are not seen to be recommending a certain doctor, as they have no way of assessing their medical skill. As a practical issue it is also hard for a consulate to keep lists up to date and check on claimed language skills, an embassy spokeswoman said.

On the Ordre’s site you can search by specialities but not languages - so you can choose by facts about medical services offered but not other elements.

We know of one association of specifically English-speaking medical professionals on the Riviera - an option for non-French-speaking expats there - but are not aware of one in Brittany.

The simplest solution may be to get advice from other expats in the area.