France makes condoms free for people aged 18-25

From January 1, 2023, young people will be able to get free condoms from pharmacies. It comes after emergency contraception and STI screening were also made free for women

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From January 2023, pharmacies will be able to hand out free condoms to people aged 18-25
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Condoms are set to be free for people aged 18 to 25 in pharmacies in France from January 1, 2023, President Emmanuel Macron has confirmed.

People of the right age will be able to ask for condoms free of charge from next year, said President Macron during a session of the Conseil national de la refondation (CNR). The session at Fontaine-le-Comte (Vienne) was dedicated to youth healthcare.

Mr Macron said that the measure was “a little revolution in preventative” care.

The president said that young people’s sexual health was “a real topic” of discussion, and added that he regretted that France was “not good” when it comes to sexual education.

He said: “The reality is a long way from the theory. We must retrain our teachers much more effectively on the subject, and we must raise more awareness.”

He also called for young people to become more aware of the need for papillomavirus vaccination. HPV can be linked to cancer if left unchecked.

He said: “This is a major information campaign. We must teach it at school, and we must make this investment. I have not ruled out making vaccination mandatory when…we have the right recommendations in place.”

Condoms sold in boxes of 6, 12 or 24 have already been reimbursed by la Sécurité Sociale if on prescription from a GP or midwife, since December 2018.

Two condom brands, 'Eden', and 'Sortez Couverts!', can also be reimbursed by 60% by l’Assurance maladie, with the remaining 40% covered by health benefits.

In addition, the Sécurité Sociale budget bill passed last week provides for free emergency contraception for all women, without a prescription.

The same bill also made it possible for everyone to be screened for certain sexually transmitted infections without a prescription, This service is free for those under 26 years old.

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