France new €100 fuel aid applications now open: who is eligible?

We explain the criteria and how to apply

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The fuel cheque will replace the at-the-pump rebate that ended on December 31, 2022
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The €100 fuel aid cheque from the government is to become available to eligible drivers in France Monday, January 16, via a dedicated website form.

The €100 cheque, dubbed the “indemnité carburant travailleurs (workers' fuel allowance)” replaces the previous at-the-pump fuel rebate, which began in April and ended on December 31, 2022.

Am I eligible?

The eligibility criteria are:

  • Drivers in the “five lower deciles” of revenue (meaning the five-lowest income bands for tax purposes)
  • This represents a taxable income per household “part” (an adult) of €14,700 or less per year in 2021
  • Drivers who use their vehicle for professional reasons, such as driving to work on making trips for work purposes

Specifically, the income bands for those eligible are, for example:

  • €1,314 net per month for a solo person
  • €3,285 for a couple with a child, or a woman with two children
  • €3,941 for a couple with two children
  • €5,225 for a couple with three children

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How can I apply?

Eligible drivers can apply for the money via a dedicated form on the website.

To make a request, you must:

  • Apply between January 16 and February 28
  • Include your vehicle licence plate number
  • Include your fiscal tax number
  • Enter your bank account details (for the payment)

If you are eligible, the amount will be “paid by public finance office, la direction générale des finances publiques, into the bank account specified, based on the revenue records of the eligible applicant”.

The payment will be made eight days after application, if successful.

You can also apply by telephone on 08 06 00 02 29 (free to apply, at standard call rate). Lines are open Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 19:00.

The money can be used towards the purchase of fuel for all personal vehicles used as a means of work transport, including motorbikes. The measure will cost the government around €1billion, said Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

The fuel discount last year, which peaked at 30 centimes per litre, has already cost the state €8billion. This is the equivalent of the entire budget of the Ministry of Justice, said Public Accounts Minister Gabriel Attal.

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