France recalls dried meats after salmonella scare

People who have bought affected products are advised not to eat them and instead take them back to the original point of sale

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French health authorities have recalled multiple lots of dried sausage and sliced Rosette sausage after 26 related cases of salmonella were identified.

Of the cases, 17 were in children, the agriculture ministry said in a statement released yesterday.

A link between the dried meats and salmonella symptoms was established on November 13, the same day authorities began removing suspect products from shelves in Leclerc supermarkets,

The recalled products were produced by the brand Saint Azay, owned by France Salaisons.

Second recall affects more supermarkets

A further “preventative” recall was carried out on November 16.

France Salaisons has now recalled products with the health mark FR 69.238.010 CE in Lidl and Aldi supermarkets, as well as products with the health mark FR 01.159.002 CE in Auchan, Casino, Monoprix, Leader Price and Franprix.

Recalled products also include dried sausage, sliced dried sausage, and sandwiches with dried meat inside.

Affected products should be returned

The agriculture ministry recommends that people who have products that they believe may be affected, should not eat them, and instead return them to the shop where they were purchased.

Leclerc has opened a helpline for concerned customers on 0 800 011 100.

Symptoms of salmonella include severe digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhoea, often accompanied by fever and headaches which appear six to 72 hours after consumption of infected products.

Anyone with symptoms should consult a doctor and tell them what you have eaten.

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