France to launch new aid to age-proof homes from 2024

It will fund projects such as fitting a stairlift, adding support rails or installing walk-in showers and will replace a few different similar aids that currently exist

France is to simplify its grants that help people age-proof their home by launching a new, unique aid called MaPrimeAdapt’
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France is to launch a new financial aid starting in 2024 to help people better adapt their homes for old age.

The grant will be called MaPrimeAdapt’ and is inspired by another government scheme called MaPrimeRénov’ that funds projects to make properties more energy efficient.

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MaPrimeAdapt’ should allow people to apply for funds to, for example, fit support rails in their home, swap out a bathtub and shower combination for a walk-in shower, fit a stairlift, etc.

The idea for the aid dates back to 2021 but has now been confirmed following the announcement of the 2023 budget (le projet de loi de finances pour 2023) on Monday (September 26), which sets aside €35million to launch it. This will be managed by the Agence nationale de l’habitat (Anah).

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MaPrimeAdapt’ will replace current similar aids aimed at age-proofing homes such as Habiter facile via Anah and Habitat et cadre de vie via the Caisse nationale d’assurance vieillesse (Cnav).

France’s housing ministry has stated the desire to have one unique aid for age-proofing properties.

“The aim is to enable people in France wishing to remain in their own homes in old age to carry out the work necessary for their independence by simplifying the procedures,” the ministry has stated.

The exact criteria for who will be eligible for the aid and the amount they will be able to claim is not yet known.

Sources close to France’s housing minister, Olivier Klein, have said that it will be an “attractive aid” and amounts will be higher than what is currently offered through the other similar supports, French magazine Capital reported.

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