French royal correspondent, age seven, receives letter from ambassador

Schoolboy Noé Patrel from Normandy, known for exchanging letters with Queen Elizabeth II, has now heard from another VIP

Noé Patrel shows off his letter from the Ambassador
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One of France’s biggest – but youngest – Anglophiles was thrilled to get a letter last month from British Ambassador Dame Menna Rawlings to add to his treasured correspondence from the Queen.

Dame Menna replied to Normandy’s Noé Patrel after he wrote to her with his condolences following the Queen’s death.

‘A reflection of French/British friendship’

In French, and addressing him politely with ‘vous’ and ‘Monsieur Patrel’, she told Noé, who turned eight last week, that she was touched by his letter.

She said that it reflected the friendship between France and the UK.

Noé told The Connexion: “I hope one day to see King Charles and Queen Camilla. My dream would be to have my photo taken with them in front of Buckingham Palace in memory of my friend the Queen, who will not write to me again.”

She had replied to his letters of condolence on Prince Philip’s death and Jubilee congratulations.

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Really happy

“It makes me really happy that the ambassador replied,” he said. “I will show the letter to my teacher. I asked if we can write to the King as a class. She said: ‘We will see.’”

Noé received many letters from our readers after we initially ran the story of his condolence letter last year. He said he wanted to thank The Connexion for helping his story reach the British community.

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He said he hopes shortly to visit the UK for the first time with his uncle, and his grandmother has bought him France’s commemorative stamps of the late Queen.

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