Frenchwoman who lost memory launches identity search

A woman from Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales) who lost her memory in February this year has launched an appeal to see if anyone knows who she is.

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The woman, who appears to be in her 70s, was found unconscious and covered in bruises by emergency services on a street in Perpignan seven months ago.

She lost her memory after the incident and still does not know her own identity or remember anything about her life.

Calling herself Marie Bonheur in the absence of any other name, she has launched an appeal in a bid to find people who know her or have previously met her, and who may be able to help rediscover her identity.

A police inquiry into the incident has discovered nothing.

Speaking to local news source France Bleu Roussillon, Ms Bonheur said: “I found myself asking, who am I? I am in a sort of fog. There must be some people who know me.”

Without an identity, Ms Bonheur does not officially “exist”, according to authorities. She cannot own or take out money, and has no access to social security or health coverage.

Ms Bonheur believes that she has been a victim of a traumatic event, and her brain may be blocking out her memory to protect her from bad memories.

She said: “I have [clearly] lived through something traumatising, and I must be putting up barriers. I am scared to come across images of what I have been through. I am asking myself if I will ever get my life back. Will I be able to do it?”

Ms Bonheur now lives in a medical unit, but she is reluctant to stay longer than necessary.

She said: “I do not need to be in this place.”

Anyone who believes they know Ms Bonheur should call 06 38 13 77 37 or email the address:

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