Is France truly centre of foodies’ universe?

Everyone, it seems, enthuses about French food – see any issue of The Connexion , for example! But what does the phrase “French food” actually mean?

I suggest it means (a) meals in French restaurants, (b) ingredients in French shops, and (c) recipes in French cookery books.

There are some wonderful meals available in French restaurants – and there are dreadful ones: just as in the UK, or in any country.

In any developed country, you can cook the same meal at home for a fraction of the cost: it should be one of life’s great pleasures.

The majority of the ingredients sold in French shops can be found in British shops too. Sure, a few ingredients are available here which are not readily available in the UK – but a few are not available here which are available in the UK.

Although certain recipes in French cookery books are indisputably French, I have seen others which originated elsewhere but which cookery books pass off as French. The best French recipes are excellent, and the worst awful – just as in any other country.

In brief, although I am happy living in France, I am sceptical about France’s claim to be the gastronomic centre of the universe.

What do other readers think?

Stephen Morgan, Finistère

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