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The January edition of Connexion is now on its way to subscribers and is available in shops from this weekend.

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Highlights this month include:

UK set for January Brexit - what you need to know

‘Ultra’ Brexiteer MPs could force PM’s hand

UK election result ‘gives certainty’ to our citizens here

Reassure Britons in EU more before we sign off on the deal

All still to play for, says former UK ambassador

What does the Withdrawal Agreement include


What is set to change in France in 2020

France's pension reforms strikes set to continue well into new year


French MP aims to stop daily barrage of cold calls

Bloctel? ‘It’s about as much use as a chocolate fireguard’

Make sense of ... online medical records

Food and drink

Rick Stein's taste of France

Why French drinkers are turning to bio wines

Why the French booze but don’t binge


What’s new for taxes and money in France in 2020

The Tiny House phenomenon: Yes, you can live the dream in your own little house on the prairie ... or wherever

RSI ends: what changes for self-employed in France?

Choose investments that will work in UK and in France

January's edition also Connexion also features:

How President Macron can face down France's pension protesters

Children with learning difficulties can have a bright future in France – if you’re determined

Using vous to lover ‘is sexy thing to do’

The no-licence car you can drive in France from age 14

Is it possible to use BBC iPlayer in France?

Stand by for direct five-hour UK to Bordeaux rail link

Getting around ... scooter permits and driving issues

Debate: For and against €200 fines for drug users

Little-known war artist’s sketches and letters give new view of trench life in World War One

The Indian city that's more French than France

Property watch: Brittany

Record 1,500 French chateaux for sale

The French town that gave New York its first name

Cold snow, hot dance, and fine art - what's on across France in January 2020

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