Key debate on Brexit and expats

The effect of Brexit on British citizens living in France will be discussed at the National Assembly tomorrow (Thursday) and Connexion readers are invited to express their concerns in advance.

The meeting, to be chaired by assembly president (speaker) Claude Bartolone and attended by the head of la sécurite sociale, is being organised at 10.00 to noon by the assembly’s ‘Working group for information on the effects of the British referendum and follow-up of the negotiations’.

Among those attending will be the chairman of the British Community Committee of France, Christopher Chantrey, who told Connexion that he will pass on concerns aired in our newspaper. He also invited readers who want to say what they are worried about to send comments to be forwarded to him so as to help inform his contribution to the debate – email us on as soon as possible today. Please limit your comments to matters that France may have some power over, so not, for example, matters like whether Britain will continue to uprate expats' pensions or pay exportable benefits, or how expats may be treated if they return to the UK.

Time will be limited and Mr Chantrey will not necessarily be able to air every specific concern.

Among other people taking part in the event - which will be in French - will be an expert on European law, a senior higher education official and Thomas Fatome, director of social security.

You can watch the event live at British expats debate.

We will be following and reporting on it tomorrow as the debate takes place.