Launch date set for obligatory CT tests for motorbikes in France

Scooters, trikes and roadgoing quads over 50cc, including the Citroen Ami, are also concerned

Garages will have a lot more work as 4 million motorcyclists scramble to get their contrôle technique next year
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Motorbikes will have to undergo the contrôle technique (CT) - the equivalent of the British MOT, from next spring, with checks carried out on their safety, air pollution levels and noise.

The measure also applies to all roadgoing quads, trikes and scooters with engines above 50cc.

Since the electric Citroen Ami is considered to be a roadgoing quadricycle, it is also affected by the new rules.

The French government had been under pressure to extend the CT to these vehicles after a ruling by the European Commission in 2014 recommended the implementation of such a law before 2022.

In November 2022, the Fédération Française des Motards en Colère organised a mass protest against the proposed mandatory CT, which was joined by thousands of bikers across France.

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Three environmental associations - Respire, Ras-Le-Scoot and Paris sans voiture - then brought a case to the Conseil d’Etat in May 2023 demanding that it apply these safety checks.

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By June 2023, the government relented, announcing that it would introduce the CT in 2024, much to the ire of motorcyclists and the confusion of garages expected to perform the tests.

“It’s still in discussion,” one garage from Nice told The Connexion last week (October 17).

“We don’t know what’s happening. There is no training or equipment in place.”

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What are the new contrôle technique plans?

From April 2024:

  • All roadgoing two wheelers, three wheelers and quads with engines over 50cc or equivalent are concerned, this includes some scooters and electric vehicles, such as the Citroen Ami.
  • Vehicles dating from before January 1, 2017 have to undergo a CT before mid-August 2024
  • As vehicles reach five years old, they will have to undergo a CT.
  • For vehicles dating from after 2022, the first CT has to happen six months before they are five years old (in 2027)
  • The CT will primarily concern safety, air pollution and noise
  • Prices have not yet been announced, but in June Transport Minister Clément Beaune said they should be “as low as possible”. €50 has been suggested.

Up to four million vehicles are concerned by the new measure.

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