MAP: Where tiger mosquitoes have spread to in France

The invasive species is present in 72 departments

Tiger mosquitoes have been present in France since 2004
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Tiger mosquitoes have spread to 72 departments in 20 years and reached the Channel coast in 2023.

The invasive species properly known as Aedes albopictus or the Asian Tiger mosquito first appeared in France in 2004, but thanks to milder winters and long, hot summers, have spread widely over recent years.

Now they are present in all regions of France.

Pic: Visactu / The Connexion

For people running out of space to escape the pests health authority Anses has the following advice:

  • Regularly empty or remove any stagnant water, including the cups under flower pots, vases, etc., or fill them with sand in order to maintain humidity without stagnant water
  • Store buckets, gardening equipment, toys, and other containers away from the rain
  • Cover water collection containers with mosquito netting or fabric
  • Clean gutters to allow proper drainage

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