Markets offering a great food choice

While we agree with letter writer Irene Pope that French restaurant food leaves a lot to be desired and is too expensive, we disagree with her regarding the fresh produce in the supermarkets, or our local market in Chauvigny, Vienne department.

On a recent trip to the UK, we found that the food at our hotel was not as good as we remembered.

We also had ready meals from Tesco that we found absolutely appalling.

We stopped eating beef from the UK in the early 1990s, as we found it to have a strange taste compared to the American beef we had been used to.

When moving to a foreign country, you need to make allowances for a great many things, including the food; it’s what the French are used to and must want.

We are lucky enough to have wonderful French neighbours, who give us fresh vegetables, chickens and eggs, but the majority of food that we eat is either grown by us, or purchased at our many, good supermarkets.

Mark and Bonny Steffen, Vienne

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