Métro recruits ‘air hostesses’

AIR hostesses and stewards have been demonstrating safety measures on board the Paris Métro, in a bid to cut the number of accidents.

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RATP, which runs the Métro, says there are around 400 accidents a year, some of which are very serious especially where someone falls between the train and platform, which happened in 274 of the incidents last year, or where passengers force the doors.

Passengers on certain trains are therefore getting the full ‘airline safety demonstration’ treatment, with actors dressed up as airline cabin crew carrying out energetic routines (see this video by Le Parisien TV).

RATP say they took inspiration from air travel because air travelers are well used to having to think about safety advice.

The ‘hostesses’ and ‘stewards’ also handed out information cards, which looked like the ones air passengers find in the pocket in front of their seats.

RATP say the kinds of risky behavior they are concerned about include standing too close to the edge of the platform, climbing down onto the tracks to retrieve a dropped item, trying to get on to the train after the sound signal for departure has been given or blocking the doors from closing.