Midnight fireworks provoke terror fears

Paris residents voice anger over four-minute pyrotechnic display at foot of Eiffel Tower for TV series

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A midnight fireworks display near the Eiffel Tower was mistaken for a terror attack by some Paris residents.

The pyrotechnics at Place Jacques-Rueff, in Champ-de-Mars, were set off during the filming of an episode of Netflix's popular science-fiction series Sense8 - but while those living nearby had been made aware of the event, residents further afield were terrified by what sounded like gunfire and explosions.

OMG @sense8 shooting the finale at the Eiffel Tower ❤️ #Paris #Sense8 #Sense8AParis #Sense8InParis #Sense8Paris #fireworks #party pic.twitter.com/3YYHgxJcBy

— Alex (@AlexDury) October 22, 2017

The film company, which is produced by film-makers Lana and Lilly Wachowski who were behind The Matrix films, had City Hall's permission for the pyrotechnics - and had erected a security fence around the area - but the fireworks could been seen and heard from up to 13km away.

Tournage du final de la série #Sense8 à #Paris avec un feu d'artifice un dimanche à minuit pic.twitter.com/IjjwsdJQph

— FloW (@FlowLyon) October 22, 2017

The four-minute event prompted many to take to social media in concern.