Optician shop boar makes a spectacle

Staff in an opticians could not believe their eyes when a wild boar strolled in through the front door as if looking for an appointment.

After sniffing around the shop a bit and trying, unsuccessfully, to smash its way out through the window it skidded round on the polished floor and ended up in the consulting room to see if any food had been left lying.

Spotting the optician, who was trying to shoo it out, it tried to flee but couldn’t see its way to find the front door and ended up fighting with its own reflection in a mirror before, finally, dashing out the front door.

At which point the optician followed up and slammed it shut.

A video of the incident in Gratentour, near Toulouse in Haute-Garonne, was posted on YouTube by Jean Claude Da Costa Gomes, head of Optique Gratentour where it happened: https://youtu.be/zsFxVRsO2dc

It is just one of several recently where boar have become more daring in their hunt for food and started foraging in towns - even eating the grapes off the vines in the Bellet vineyards in Nice.

Regular hunts are organised in Toulouse itself, on the Pech David hill, where boars are plentiful and a few years ago one even sparked panic in the city’s Virgin Megastore – possibly looking for Cracklin’ Rosie by Neil Diamond, Bacon up is hard to do by Neil Sedaka, anything by Miss Piggy or perhaps Pink Floyd’s Animalsalbum with the flying pig above Battersea Power Station.