Over 31 cheeses recalled in France over listeria fears

Second recall of products from Société laitière de Vichy includes tomme, raclette, brebis and other types of cheese

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A new large-scale recall of various different cheeses is in place in France due to the possible risk of listeria.

More than 31 types of cheese from the Société laitière de Vichy company, based in Creuzier-le-Vieux, Allier, are affected, with more having been added over the weekend.

The recall is for products sold by this producer between October 1, 2022 and February 4, 2023.

The brand is sold across many supermarkets and cheese shops in France as well as in creameries and other smaller stores.

Some of the cheeses recalled include goat’s cheese, raclette, tomme, brebis and many more.

This is the second recall announced for cheeses from this brand; a first was announced on February 2.

The full list of cheeses can be found on the government alert website RappelConso here, where any new products added to the list will be included.

Refunds are available for those who return the product to the shop of purchase, or provide proof of purchase with a receipt, and of course official advice is to not consume any of the listed products.

Those who have eaten cheese included in the recall and show symptoms including headaches, fever, and muscle soreness, should contact their GP.

Listeriosis, which is caused by listeria, can take up to eight weeks to appear after the consummation of an item contaminated with listeria bacteria, and can particularly affect elderly people and pregnant women.

It is the second highest cause of death from food poisoning in France, resulting in dozens of deaths per year.

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