Parked cars, property form, burglaries: 5 French practical updates

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We also cover rules on how cars can be impounded
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Do you need to complete property form in 2024?

People who did not complete France’s Biens Immobiliers declaration in 2023 are being asked to do so now - with a deadline of July 1 being set for this.

Updates will also need to be made by homeowners if the occupant of a property has changed or if a property has been purchased/sold – both buyer and seller should make the updates.

If you already completed the form in 2023 and the property’s situation has not changed, you do not need to do anything.

A paper version of the form will be available this year.

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What to do after a burglary

With more than 200,000 burglaries committed each year in France, there is unfortunately a chance of anyone being affected.

This article looks at the seven key steps you should follow if impacted, including how to file a police report and notify your bank.

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What are rules on cars parked in same spot for several days?

Cars cannot be parked in the same spot outside for more than seven days – unless it is on private land or paid for – without the risk of being towed. In some places, this is decreased, down to a minimum of 24 hours.

Once a vehicle has been taken away, there is a short deadline for the owner to retrieve it before it can be destroyed, dismantled for scrap, or sold on.

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Rules for dashcam images

This article covers the rules of dashcams (cameras mounted on the inside of vehicles) in France.

We look at whether courts – and insurance companies – accept the cameras as valid forms of evidence.

In addition, we look at the cases in which diffusion of videos captured by dashcams is illegal.

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Pros and cons of self-employment

Finally, we look at the pros and cons of being a ‘micro-entrepreneur’, or self-employed worker in France.

We compare taxes, rights, and other benefits of self-employed people in France in comparison to a salaried worker, and how to obtain micro-entrepreneur status.

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