Puzzle Book Get to know France better, the fun way (Vol.1 PDF version) - 96 pages More about this guide

The Connexion's 96 page French facts and France related puzzle book contains hundreds of quirky facts, brain teasers, crosswords and wordsearches (and all the answers!) - all about France in a handy A5 size.

How well do you know France? Take our quizzes and find out...
A handy A5 size, the 100 page book is packed with facts on the country, the culture, food, people, language and history, plus sections specific to each of France's regions.
Ideal as a present for France loving friends or for yourself to pass some time relaxing over the summer holidays, the book allows you to test your knowledge with word puzzles, quizzes and crosswords - and yes, we also give the answers.
For example…
Do you know the history of the Tricolour or why the national anthem is la Marseillaise and not la Française?
Which queen of France was also later Queen of England? - Adèle de Savoie, Aliénor d’Aquitaine, Bérangère de Navarre?
France has so far had only one female Prime Minister. What was her name and with which President did she serve?
Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in France but is it the highest also in Europe? How high is it? And what other country or countries does it straddle?
In which cathedral in France can you see the tombs of French royalty?
The Connexion’s French facts, crosswords and puzzles book answers these plus much more

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